American Realism in the Early 20th Century

Dr. Alexander Ehmann

Alexander Ehmann is independent research assistant at the project. He specialises in Philosophy of Physics, Metaphysics of Science, History and Philosophy of Science, and Theoretical Oncology.

Apart from philosophy and science, he dabbles in art.


Recent publications:

Reducing thermodynamics to Boltzmannian statistical mechanics: the case of macro values. Synthese, 200, 513, 2022. (preprint)

Book Review: Matthias Neuber, Adam Tamas Tuboly (Eds.): Ernest Nagel: Philosophy of Science and the Fight for Clarity, Springer: Cham, 2022, 310 + ix pp., 139,09€ (hardcover), ISBN: 9783030810092, J Gen Philos Sci, 2022.

The physics and metaphysics of Tychistic Bohmian Mechanics. (With Patrick Dürr.) Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 90, 2021, Pages 168-183.